What is an "aged domain?"  As of this writing, one of the most important strategies for quickly improving your page ranking in the search engines is your domain name.  It is just common sense.  However, did you know that thousands of old domain names are re-sold on a daily basis?  And, unlike your used car, an aged domain actually increases in value if the Page Rank, or "PR Score" is low.  Purchasing an aged domain name is like placing jumper cables on your Search Engine Optimization efforts.  Companies like Google say that they police for practices like buying aged domains just to increase PR Score.  So, when you purchase an aged domain, make sure it is relevant to your business.  You wouldn't purchase "abc.com" as an aged domain if you only sold widgets made by "xyz.com."  Prices for aged domains range below $100 and as much as several thousand dollars.  Hmmm.  Did your chief competitor go out of business? How about purchasing your competition's aged domain and forwarding it to your website?  Would that be a strategic move?  Call Semiam Solutions for more ideas and strategies to help jump start your Search Engine Optimization, SEO.
5/14/2012 07:57:42 pm

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