An overlooked component of competing with other websites are what as known as "Backlinks."   Backlink strategy is important to improving your company website's SEO, Search Engine Optimization, i.e. improving your "organic" rise in the search engines.  Backlink quality and implementation are as important to your SEO as the quantity.  For example, if you visit a particular cafe or restaurant on a regular basis, would it be safe to assume that the employee staff may know your first name?  How about other patrons?  Over time, you begin to develop relationships.  Remember the pub "Cheers, where everyone knows your name?"  This is no different with backlinks.  Establishing connections, (both from and to), your website can dramatically improve your SEO if done over time.  If you rush the process, you may catch the ire of the search engines.  Through the magic of algorithms and search engine technology, the engines can tell when someone is purposely manipulating backlinks through what is known as "black hat" techniques, (think movie western villains and heroes).  Semiam Solutions uses "white hat" techniques to help your company website achieve a natural and progressive course toward top standings in the search engines.
7/17/2017 10:47:55 pm

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