Did you know that Google occasionally updates it's algorithms?  Within the last 90 days, Google has added two updates named: Caffeine and Mayday.  So, what does this mean to your website...To Your Business?  If your website is not regularly maintained, you may have seen a recent drop off in your rankings and traffic to your site.  Remember, the old days of "set it and forget it" doesn't play in Peoria anymore.

If your business depends on your website, you need to read the tips offered in a recent Search Engine Land Article titled: "What Do Caffeine and Mayday Mean for B2B Marketers?"

Another important element to ranking pages after these two major updates from Google is: Speed!  Speed = Customer Satisfaction.  So, Google is NOW placing a premium on ranking websites according to load speed.  Question: Is your website "larded up" with Flash, Audio, Multiple videos?  Well, you might be penalized under these new speed standards.

Why does Google update their search engines?  It's all about the customer experience.  Google is looking for better search engine results that are relative to what the customer wants.  And, they want to make it as simple and fast as possible.  Contact Semiam Solutions today to provide an examination of your website after these two major updates.  We can help your website with a dose of coffee or an energy drink.

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