Google Plus (sometimes referred to as "Google+"), is the next iteration of Google's social media.  It incorporates the former "Google Buzz", "Wave" and other Google initiatives to help compete against the ever popular Facebook.  Currently, Google Plus has an estimated 13 percent market share of social media ("Google Plus May Pass Twitter",, 2011)

If you are familiar with Facebook, you know that users connect with you as a "Friend" or as a "Fan" if you have a business or interest page.  Google Plus has what they call "Circles."  You invite people that may share an interest in your business "into the circle."  They will receive notifications as you update your Google Plus account.  So, in our opinion, Google Plus blends the social aspect of Facebook with the notification features of Twitter.

Should you add Google Plus to your marketing strategy?  At the moment, Google Plus is in a beta test mode.  What that means is that there are a limited amount of features available for Google users, in the future, more features will be added. If you are a company that depends heavily on social media, i.e. retail and hospitality markets, it maybe a good idea to join (you can use your existing Google account to join or create a Google account).  The marketing strategy for Google Plus is to add another social media outlet for your business.  And, since there are many Google fans, it could be another way to reach your prospective customer.  Also, Google Plus integrates into the Android operating system and the Google Plus Application that can be downloaded onto Android mobile phones. 

Google Plus also gives you the opportunity to create a webpage.  However, Semiam will not be able to manage the webpage because of the personalization features that integrate into your existing Google account. Because the usage criteria is strict, Semiam Solutions will not be able create a Google Plus account on your behalf (Google can suspend your entire Google account for abuse*).  However, we can tie-in your Google Plus account into our website which is professionally managed by our team.

As Google Plus evolves, Semiam will update you on new features.

To sign up for Google Plus, just click on this link: "Google Plus"  

*Abuse would constitute any misrepresentation of who you are and your intentions.  Semiam Solutions would not want to risk any of it's clients being banned from Google because of perceived abuse.
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