A recent article in the Wall Street Journal outlined how publishers are dealing with the brave new world of ebook publishing.  eBooks are changing the way people read as much as iPads and Kindles are changing how people are accessing content.  eBooks offer an inexpensive way to give your company the ability to publish and link content to your company's website. 

Now, at first glance, you may think that you don't have much to offer in the way of published content.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

The easiest way to inventory potential publishing sources within your company is to examine what I call your "value added proposition."

Many of us take for granted what value we know and what we can offer the general public.  So, I will use an example to demonstrate how easy it is to copy write small books to help elevate your company profile and website.

Let's say you own a plumbing company.  Many people want to know how to fix, even prevent problems when it comes to home plumbing.

Why not publish small books that address this problem?  Maybe it is a book on choosing the right kitchen faucets, or, saving water through breakthrough plumbing products...They don't have to be 500 page novels!  Just solve common plumbing problems, give advice and tips that help your customer.  Don't worry about the fact that much of this content is readily accessible through free websites.  The goal is to get published!

Amazon has made this chore easier than ever through a program called "CreateSpace".  CreateSpace is an easy way to publish content, you can even use a template book cover that CreateSpace provides for you.  For a small fee, you can upload your content to CreateSpace, approve the proof, get an ISBN number, and, voila!  You are now an author.  You can set the price for your eBook...All of this for a low-low price.

The benefits are that you can add web links in your eBooks back to your website within the ebook.  This will build links, and tie prospective customers back to your company.

Semiam Solutions can help you develop content and help you publish these books.  Give us a call and ask about how we can help your company get on the map as a publishing machine.

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