Have You Seen This Picture Before?  No, it's not one of those weird 3-D pictures with a hidden image that was popular in the 1990s. It is a "QR Code."  QR Codes have been around since 1994.  I vaguely remember them popping up first in a Parade Magazine back in the 1990s next to a pharmaceutical ad.  I also remember a "scan pen" for sale that you could use to scan the codes and get printable coupons on the internet.

WELL, what was old, is new again.

What has changed the landscape are smart phones.  Take a picture or scan these QR codes with your smart phone and it will take you to a website, a Google Places listing, or, yes, a printable coupon.  You can put email addresses, maps, GPS coordinates, it's really up to your imagination

QR codes are showing up in newspapers, magazines, on big screens in stadiums, on billboards...Even tombstones in Japan...Yes, TOMBSTONES!

So, should a QR Code be in your future?  Maybe.  If you run a retail business or restaurant...Anything where coupons and social networking may help your business, I would say: "Yes!" 

If you need a list of websites for FREE QR Code Creators or Readers, let me know at: info@semiam.com, Ask for: "QR Codes" in the Subject Line.

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