We are delighted to announce the addition of Jim Tomlinson, a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, (CITRMS) to our staff.  Jim brings nearly three years of experience as a CITRMS specialist.  Jim can now offer any small business a complimentary risk audit to determine if a small business maybe putting their customers and/or their employees at risk through their business practices as it relates to safeguarding sensitive personal information.  Jim said that 30% of all businesses who suffer a data breach and incur a loss of sensitive data - Go out of business permanently.  He also stated that due to increased focus and regulation by recently enacted laws, business owners may not be insulated from litigation because of a company structure.  We asked Jim to join us because many small businesses increase their risk of potential fraud or identity theft because of the technology tools and internet marketing that they use in their business.  For more information, go to our "Reduce Your Liabilities" tab at the top of this page.

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