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A quiet revolution is going on.  It's the Mobile Revolution.  Yes, iPhones and Blackberry phones have been around for a few years now. However, in the last two years, Google and Verizon have entered the arena with their Android Software along with Apple's iPad.   Another factor is that the "usability" of these devices to access the internet has improved substantially. Google recently reported that over 20 million web searches in one day came from these "smart phones."

 New "Apps" on the iPhone, and improved network speeds have made surfing on a smart phone a better experience.  The trouble with smart phones are that they do not display and offer the same functionality for displaying websites as a regular browser on a PC.

If you own a business with a website that is a natural smart phone searched business, i.e. restaurants and retail, you need to review your website for mobile phone compatibility.  Specifically, look at what is known as "sub pages."  Sub pages are easily recognized.  For example: Let's say you own a restaurant, and one of the links on your website that I could click is titled:  "Directions".  When I click on the "Directions" link, more, "clickable" choices appear for your three restaurant locations.  These "clickable" choices for directions to your three restaurants underneath the "Directions" link are called "sub pages."  Sub pages have a habit of not appearing correctly...Or, at all on smart phones.

Is your website optimized for smart phones?  How much of your website is built with Flash software? Do you have "sub pages" on your website?  If you don't have a smart phone or device like an iPad, borrow one and go to your website to take a look for yourself.  As prices drop on these smart phones and their subscription plans, more and more people will try to find you on their smart phone rather than their PC connected to the internet.

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