The one thing you have to admire about Facebook is that it has convinced companies like Google to create a social media environment.  This battle reminds me of the old Microsoft versus Apple debate.  It went like this: "If you are serious about business, you use Microsoft/IBM, if you are serious about the creative arts, go with Apple."  Facebook gets many eyes and time spent on it's page.  However, it doesn't necessarily convert their "fandom" into business for advertisers.  A recent survey by advertisers showed that only 30% of customers found them through Facebook.  Google is often used as the default "I mean to do business" search engine.  So, now, it's Facebook for the creative arts, Google for business.

So, what does this means to you.  It is important to know where to dedicate your precious resources in this economy.  Don't waste your time, give Semiam Solutions a call or contact us from this web page to get a complimentary consultation on where to spend your money.  If you don't you could waste a lot of money, pouring it down a empty marketing well.

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