As a business owner, you may already have a Pay-Per-Click, PPC, campaign underway.  Here is a tip: Make sure you are using "Negative Keywords."  What are Negative Keywords?  Let's say you own Acme Widget Company and you ONLY sell Red, White, and Blue Widgets online.  If I were a potential customer and searched for "Purple Widgets," (and you DID NOT have the negative keyword phrase "purple widget" listed in your PPC campaign), your ad may pop up and I would click on it, (costing you money), and I would quickly learn that you don't have purple widgets.  Basically, negative keywords are keyword exceptions that you add so shoppers online will not click on your ads to look for a product or service that you do not offer.  At Semiam Solutions, it's about results and results only happen if we watch your Return On Investment, ROI.  Contact us today for a consultation on how we can help keep your internet advertising costs down and boost your ROI.

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