You've probably seen the Local Results page in Google when you add your town or city to a keyword phrase.  For example, enter "Pizza Delivery in Manhattan"  in Google and it will bring up a Map with Lettered Map Pins staked out on that map. The Map pins correspond to the 7 to 10 results to the right of the map.  Below the seven results, you'll notice "More Results Near, Manhattan, NY." Click this link and Google Maps will come up.  (Today I checked, and there are 104,000 pizza delivery joints near Manhattan, NY.) 

So, How Do I Get My Business into the Local Results Page?  And, How Do I get in the Magic 7 Results on the First Page?

First, Make sure your business is listed in Google Places.  Then, you will want to list your business in as many directories as possible.  

Secondly, to get on the first page is a direct result of the competition,   in your area. (Remember the 100,000 pizza places?) A strong influence on where you appear in Local Places are how well your website and listings are optimized in a variety of directories, social media, and a variety of other listings.  As of this writing, there is a hot debate about this very subject.  As more intelligence develops about Google Local Places, I'll share it here on this blog.

At Semiam Solutions, we'll help put your business in the best possible position to get your website and your business listing to the top. And, a shot at the top of the Local Results...Oh, By the Way, Do You Deliver Pizza?  We're Sort of Hungry Here at Semiam.

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